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SF Bay Area Piano Dealers

Player Piano Repair


Most piano dealers sell both new

and used pianos.  Many also offer

pianos for rent. 

D.C. Pianos (Berkeley)

J-B Piano (San Rafael)

Music Exchange (multiple)

Pianos Plus (Castro Valley)

Piedmont Piano (Oakland)

R. Kassman Piano (Berkeley)

San Mateo Piano (San Mateo)

Steinway & Sons (SF)

World Class Pianos (Burlingame)

Dick Leonard Player Pianos

(415) 665-7916


Dan Ternstrom

(925) 939-2475


Rick Bourgeois


Stephen Goodman

(559) 346-0521 

Piano Technicians Guild


Find your piano's age at:

Bluebook of Pianos


National Piano Foundation


For repair of electronic

keyboards: CAE Sound


Music Teachers Assoc of CA - SF


Piano Restoration/Rebuild


Piano Movers

Callahan Piano (Oakland)


David Love (SF)


Jim Christopher


Frank Bidinger


Grant Hillemeyer



Quality Piano Movers

(800) 429-9076


Golden Gate

(415) 469-7509


(415) 564-8585

A-1 Piano Movers

(510) 783-8031


Piano Manufacturers (a partial listing)

Most piano manufacturers sell more than one "line" of pianos.  For example in addition to their name brand, Steinway also sells pianos under the brand names Boston and Essex. 


Baldwin - (owned by Gibson) including Chickering, Howard, Hamilton and Wurlitzer piano lines

Bechstein - grand, upright and institutional pianos.  Bohemia, made by Bechstein

Blüthner - including Haessler, Irmler and Breitmann pianos

Bösendorfer - (owned by Yamaha)  standard and conservatory models

Brodmann - grands and uprights

Estonia - grands only (I believe)

Fazioli - grand and concert pianos

Hailun - grands and uprights, concert performance series

Henry F. Miller - grands and uprights, owned by Sherman Clay and made by Pearl River (also Fischer pianos)

Kawai - grands and uprights, also Shigeru Kawai

Kayserburg - grands and uprights (Pearl River)

Kimball - grands and uprights (Kimball USA)

Mason & Hamlin - grands and uprights

Palatino - grands and uprights

Pearl River - also Ritmüller and Kayserburg pianos

Petrof - grands and uprights

Pleyel - grands and uprights in a variety of styles (in French only it seems)

Samick - including Kohler & Campbell, Pramberger, Wm. Knabe and Sohmer & Co pianos

Sauter - grands and uprights

Schimmel - grands and uprights

Seiler - grands and uprights

Sejung - including Hobart M. Cable, George Steck and Falcone piano

Steinway & Sons - including Boston and Essex pianos

Story & Clark - owned by QRS Musics

Walter - grands and uprights

Weber - grands and uprights (made by Young Chang)

Yamaha - including Cable-Nelson and Disklavier player pianos

Young Chang - including platinum, professional artist and Bergman pianos


Note: a listing on this page does not imply a recommendation on the part of Mitchell Piano Service.  Links and references are provided only for convenience.  For recommendations, please contact me directly. 

If you are in the market for a new or used piano, I highly recommend going to Larry Fine's website .  This is an excellent site for both acoustic and digital pianos.  It's a great place to start your research into a piano for purchase.


A rare Byron Mauzy Grand Piano.  To my knowledge, Mauzys were the only production piano ever made in San Francisco.  This one is located in the Elks Club on Post Street.

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