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As a service to my customers, I'll be adding to a series of technical articles over time.  Please feel free to give me feedback on these or request other topics for the future. 

These are roughly ordered from the more introductory to advanced topics (the articles do build on each other, so be sure to read the early ones if you are not familiar with piano terminology).

  1. Piano Terminology: How to better communicate with your piano technician

  2. Caring for your Piano: Basics of piano placement and care 

  3. Used Pianos: Beware if you're getting an older piano for very little money

  4. Premium Piano Shopping: Why does that piano cost so much?

  5. Staying in Tune: Why do pianos go out of tune?

  6. Regulation: The Sum of Small Sums

  7. Voicing: How it works and what to expect.

  8. More on Tuning: How pianos get out-of-tune and are tuned by technicians.

  9. Tuning Temperaments and Styles: Choices available to the pianist.

  10. Registered Piano Technician: Why the piano owner should care.

  11. Rebuilding Pianos: What is involved in bringing an old piano back to life.

  12. Friction, The Piano's Enemy: Things that can be done to get a piano playing easier. 

  13. Optimizing Piano Acoustics at Home: A very nice article from Piano Price Point that shows how placement affects sound.

If you are in the market for a new or used piano, I highly recommend getting copies of Larry Fine's books: "The Piano Book" and "The Piano Book 2007-2008 Supplement".  These are rich in information on buying pianos, histories of piano brands, relative comparisons of brands and retail pricing information.  An online version may be accessed through

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